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Flight attendant shares how passengers can cut queues when boarding plane


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There’s nothing like going on holiday.

From the first sip of a cold pint at the airport to the smell of sun tan lotion and the feeling of sand between your toes, there is plenty to look forward to when it comes to a summer break.

However, getting to your destination can be stressful – and queueing at the airport is a big part of the faff. It has to be done, but it sure is annoying.

Luckily, ahead of the summer holiday season, a flight attendant has drawn attention to something which may make your flying experience a little more peaceful. This is because she’s revealed people tend to avoid one area of the plane when boarding.

Sharing a candid video on TikTok, MrsMiva revealed hardly anyone enters the plane via the back entrance. This means many of us could be missing a trick!

As MrsMiva prepares to welcome people onboard in the video, there’s a snag. She is left on her own as “everyone gets in at the front”.

As much as she’s looking forward to saying hello to passengers and wishing them a pleasant flight, nobody enters the plane at her zone. While her work to welcome travellers might have been in vain, she was able to draw attention to the fact fewer people enter planes via the back.

She shared the clip alongside a caption, which read: “Hello, we are waiting for you too.” This was posted alongside a sad face emoji to remind people she’s usually waiting at the entrance.

Hundreds have now commented on the clip. Some told her “only the cool kids” usually sit at the back.

One person wrote: “I’m going to come through the back door next time just for the stewardess not to be alone.” Another said: “Oh, I always thought we can just enter at the front.”

A third replied: “Wait, we can get on through the back door?” Meanwhile, a fourth also commented: “I thought every airline tells you which entrance to use?”

The video left some people confused, but it certainly got them talking. Lots of people admitted they like getting on via the back entrance though as they want to see more of the plane.

MrsMiva also cleared things up for people who claimed they didn’t know they could enter via the back. She said if you see stairs, it’s likely you’ll be able to use the door to board the plane.

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