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I Kind Of Love Madonna’s Dirtbag Style

I Kind Of Love Madonna’s Dirtbag Style

Over the course of her impressive career, Madonna – the undisputed Queen of Pop – has pulled off many different fashion eras. Whether it was the western wear she rocked for her Music album, or the disco-ready attire she sported for Confessions, the iconic singer can pull off just about any look. And while she revives all of them in her current Celebration world tour (read all about the costumes here), Madonna’s latest aesthetic off-stage can only be described as, well, dirtbag-chic. And we mean that in a good way.

While exiting various hotels this past month on her tour, Madonna’s off-duty style has been all about dressing like a dude who would definitely ghost you. Maybe he bartends in the Lower East Side, or maybe he’s an LA skater dude, but Madonna’s ensembles have included such dirtbag essentials such as plaid shirts, extremely baggy pants and even a cheeky Von Dutch trucker hat, which was all the rage in the ’00s.

Now, on an actual sleaze, the fashion’s a little on the nose. But on Madonna, a chameleonic singer who’s experimented with a bunch of different wardrobe vibes, it somehow reads as fresh. At 65, she’s still proving that she can reinvent herself yet again, and totally pull it off in the process. Long live Madge!


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