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Some Experts are Backing This New M2E Crypto to 10x This Year

Some Experts are Backing This New M2E Crypto to 10x This Year

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Move-to-earn (M2E) has garnered significant interest within the web3 community over the past few years. M2E projects are becoming increasingly popular as they offer users the chance to earn cryptocurrency rewards while staying active and healthy.

One such project is Fight Out, a new M2E fitness app and metaverse using web3 technology to revolutionize the fitness industry. $FGHT, the token supporting this fitness ecosystem, is in its presale phase and available at a discounted price of only $0.0261 USDT.

Let’s take a closer look at Fight Out and why some experts believe it has the potential to pump 10x or more in 2023.

What is Fight Out?

Fight Out has introduced a blockchain-based M2E fitness app intending to revolutionize the fitness and wellness industry. The team aims to help users meet their fitness goals by creating a customized workout plan based on their preferences and needs.

The fitness project stands out from other M2E apps because it allows users to pick from various personalized sports and physical activities.

The app lets users create NFT avatars when signing up with the platform. These NFT avatars correlate with their real-life fitness progress and achievements on the metaverse. They enhance the app’s charm and entertainment value.

Users can also purchase subscriptions and individual coaching sessions with the REPS they earn as a reward for finishing in-app fitness challenges and workouts.

Investors have flocked to the $FGHT presale, as the platform has already raised over $5 million. Demand for FGHT is anticipated to rise as word of Fight Out’s features spreads.

The project is dedicated to expanding the use of the $FGHT token, which serves as the primary means of transaction in the metaverse. The Fight Out app provides users with a full-service fitness experience by integrating state-of-the-art technology, expert coaching, and cryptocurrency rewards.

The platform’s goal is to revolutionize people’s perspectives on physical activity in both the real world and the metaverse is an exciting prospect that will spark the interest of fitness fans globally.

Is Investing in Fight Out Worthwhile in 2023?

Fight Out is a cutting-edge fitness platform that uses advanced technology to give each user a unique and effective training experience. With its gamification and metaverse features, it has attracted attention from fitness communities from across the globe.

The Fight Out platform is an appealing investment opportunity for many reasons, not the least of which is the $5 million in $FGHT presale funds that have been successfully raised. Because of its widespread relevance in the platform’s metaverse, the $FGHT tokens are rapidly rising in price and demand.

Users can save 25% on REPS purchases made with $FGHT, which can be used to join real-world and virtual-world fitness centers and gain access to exercise gear.

Membership discounts are also given to token holders, adding more value to the token.

Moreover, as per CoinMarketCap, the 24-hour trading volume of M2E cryptocurrencies listed on exchanges exceeded $295 million, indicating rapid expansion in the M2E space.

$FGHT is an enticing investment opportunity due to its innovative gamification features and metaverse capabilities, which have the potential to transform the fitness industry entirely.

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Top Features of Fight Out

Here’s a summary of the key features Fight Out has to offer:

  • Users can create a personal, Soulbound NFT avatar that accurately reflects their fitness skills. These characters can’t be bought or sold, but the Fight Out store has many cosmetics and accessories to customize them.

  • $FGHT is an ERC-20 token that can be exchanged for REPS and used to make purchases in the metaverse and marketplace.

  • For completing in-game tasks and progressing their avatars to higher ranks, users are rewarded with REPS.

  • Users who complete specialized technique courses for sports like boxing are rewarded with badges.

  • Among Fight Out’s many sports and physical activities are high-intensity interval training, cardiovascular workouts, yoga, and more. Users can participate in a variety of challenges to earn exciting crypto rewards.

  • Ambassadors for Fight Out include mixed-martial-arts competitors from the UFC such as Amanda Ribas, fitness bloggers including Tremayne Dortch, and professional boxers namely Savannah Marshall.

  • Active users can take part in challenges set by ambassadors and view recorded or live lessons.

There is a bonus of up to 67% FGHT tokens for those who invest in the presale. Depending on how long an investor locks their $FGHT tokens, they can receive a bonus. Those who have preordered Fight Out tokens will also be eligible for a 10% discount.

Fight Out’s Presale Phases and Roadmap

$FGHT’s token presale campaign is designed to provide value to its token holders. With multiple phases, discount rates, and bonuses, potential investors can grab the $FGHT tokens in the presale phase.

The tokens began trading at an initial price of $0.0166 USDT each, but as demand grew, that price increased steadily to its current level of $0.0261 USDT. The cost of $FGHT tokens increases roughly every 12 hours, indicating strong market demand.

On March 31st, 2023, the presale of $FGHT tokens will come to a close. Moreover, the Fight Out platform confirms that the $FGHT tokens will be listed on the CEX on April 5th, 2023. The listing price of the tokens will be $0.0333 USDT.

Fight Out has an ambitious plan for the future that will see the platform’s features and functionality grow.

In Q2 2023, the platform plans to roll out the first pro-fighter branded exercise program, increase the number of live and on-demand classes, and introduce cosmetics to allow users to customize their avatars.

The platform will update the app with new features in the coming months, including gyms in both the real and virtual worlds, more badges, and more social interaction within the app.

Anyone keen on keeping up with the latest happenings can join the Telegram and Discord channels.

Fight Out’s whitepaper also discusses the introduction of player versus player (PVP) contests and other challenges that allow players to earn REPS.

These competitions and challenges will increase user involvement and encourage users to use the platform more frequently.

The competitive and gaming aspects of Fight Out have drawn significant attention, as well as its “from home” approach to exercising. It’s easy to draw comparisons between how the online gambling industry has revolutionized the gaming industry (source: bettingsites.co.uk) and how FightOut likely will revolutionize how people exercise.

The presale campaign for $FGHT tokens presents a unique investment opportunity with the potential for significant returns. With Fight Out’s innovative roadmap and exciting features, investors can look forward to a promising future for the platform and the $FGHT token.


In conclusion, Fight Out’s future is bright, with valuations predicted to increase by a factor of 10 by 2023. So far, the presale campaign has been a success, raising over $5 million.

The current price of the project’s utility token, $FGHT, is $0.0261 USDT. The listing price is set to be $0.0333 USDT, but early investors still have the chance to take advantage of a massive discount.

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