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Biggest casinos in the world (2024)


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Unsure what the biggest casino in the world is?

Wondering if 50,000 square feet of gaming space is big? Or if 200 rooms per casino hotel is a lot? Or if 3000 slot machines is feasible? Or if there are land-based casinos with more than 800 gaming tables?

Well then, worry not, as I am here to answer all your questions and break any misconceptions. Let me start by answering the easy ones:

  • 50,000 square feet for a whole casino is quite small. The smallest casino I’ll be talking about today takes up 165,000 square feet.
  • 200 rooms for a regular hotel sounds like a lot, but not for a casino resort. No, for a casino resort, it doesn’t even come close. The smallest hotel at a casino resort I’ll cover has 427 hotel rooms, with one exception.
  • Yes, 3,000 slot machines are quite easily possible. Even 4,000 and 10,000 slot machines in a single casino resort is actually a pretty realistic number.
  • And yes, there is a land-based casino called The Venetian Macau that stores more than 800 table games in the resort. Some are open for all, while others are within VIP and high-roller rooms that aren’t available to everybody.

#1 Venetian Macau

  • Size in square feet: 546,000
  • Location: Macau, China
  • Amount of gaming tables: 800
  • Amount of slot machines: 3,400
  • Most luxurious attractions: Cotai Arena, Paiza Club
  • Established: 2007
  • Owned by: Las Vegas Sands
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 3,000

The Venetian Macau is the biggest casino in the world, without any doubt. It has the biggest rooms for blackjack and craps, as well as being the biggest in sheer size. It also dwarfed any gaming area I’ve ever seen for gambling tables.

The vast gaming floor for table games holds around 800 tables in total, for roulette, craps and other games. Regarding electronic gaming machines, Venetian Macau comes in 3rd place here with 3,400 slot machines. Still, it stays in first place for numerous other reasons:

  • The Venetian Macau is the biggest casino in the world, square-feet wise
  • It has the biggest amount of table games
  • Its entertainment complex is also the largest on the planet
  • The Venetian Macau is home to the biggest craps table and room in the world
  • There are more tables for blackjack here than anywhere else

The Venetian Macau is located on the Cotai Strip in Macau, in one of the most prominent locations at the centre of the Cotai Zone. I couldn’t miss it, even if I wanted to. Furthermore, it is famous for its huge Cotai Arena which has around 15,000 seats for basketball, boxing, tennis and other similar events.

The Venetian Macau holds the record for the second-biggest casino resort hotel with 3,000 rooms. I am still blown away just by the sheer size of it. Not to mention the great rooms and suites they have. I guarantee the Venetian Macau Casino will be a luxurious and fun experience for anyone who likes to have a lavish time.

#2 Winstar World Casino

  • Size in square feet: 519,000
  • Location: Thackerville, Oklahoma, USA
  • Amount of gaming tables: 155
  • Amount of slot machines: 10,000
  • Most luxurious attractions: Global Event Center, WinStar Golf Club
  • Established: 2003
  • Owned by: The Chickasaw Nation
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 1,495

The Winstar World Casino is the second-biggest casino in the world, with around 519,000 square feet of space. Needless to say, it left a lasting impression on me. Nestled in the scenic surroundings of Thackerville, Oklahoma, USA, this expansive gaming complex offered anything I could ever want from a casino.

With 155 gaming tables and an astonishing 10,000 slot machines, there was no shortage of excitement. Winstar World Casino has more slot machines than any other casino in the world.

Established in 2003 and owned by The Chickasaw Nation, Winstar is a testament to luxury and entertainment. Its Global Event Center hosted top-tier performances, while the WinStar Golf Club provided me personally a peaceful retreat.

After a day of gaming, I settled in one of the 1,495 comfortable hotel rooms, where I could relax and recharge for another day of adventure. All in all, Winstar World Casino is more than just a gambling destination: It’s an experience that combines thrills with hospitality in a memorable way.

#3 MGM Cotai

  • Size in square feet: 500,000
  • Location: Macau, China
  • Amount of gaming tables: 174
  • Amount of slot machines: 1500
  • Most luxurious attractions: MGM Theatre
  • Established: 2018
  • Owned by: MGM Resorts International
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 1,400

MGM Cotai is the third-largest casino in the world, with a little more than 500,000 square feet of space. Another resort situated in Macau, China on the Cotai Strip, it is, of course, owned by MGM Resorts International. It also houses one of the biggest theatres in the world that can accommodate up to 2000 people at once.

What I like about MGM Cotai is not only its size, but also the many, many opportunities it brings to guests. I was treated to the sight and experience of more than 1500 slot machines, including but not limited to jackpot slot machines, 3D slots and some specific exclusive games found nowhere else in the world. Anyone who wants to play something more traditional can do so at 174 gaming tables for poker, baccarat, roulette, and other table games.

When it comes to accommodation and entertainment, the MGM Cotai maintains the MGM standard. Visitors can enjoy their time at the MGM Theatre, the retail promenade that’s a veritable shopping mall, and the world’s largest art garden, called Nature’s Art, which has more than 100,000 plants and more than 2000 plant species, including 200 different types of orchids, most native to Hong Kong and Macau. It also includes some previously extinct species of plants that have been brought back.

The property’s 1,400 rooms and suites include 1,257 standard rooms, 16 Sky Lofts, and 27 Mansion Villas.

#4 Wynn Palace

  • Size in square feet: 424,000
  • Location: Macau, China
  • Amount of gaming tables: 350
  • Amount of slot machines: 1,000
  • Most luxurious attractions: Wynn Palace Spa
  • Established: 2006
  • Owned by: Wynn Macau, Limited
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 1,700

The fourth contender on this list, Wynn Palace in Macau, China, contains a seemingly endless gaming floor spanning 424,000 square feet. With 350 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines, to say guests have a wide array of options for entertainment would be the understatement of the year. From classic table games like blackjack and roulette, to various slot machines catering to the most niche interests, there’s something for every type of gambler.

Established in 2006, Wynn Palace is owned by Wynn Macau, Limited, a renowned name in the industry. The resort boasts 1,700 hotel rooms, ensuring ample accommodation for guests seeking a luxurious stay.

One of the standout features of Wynn Palace is its Wynn Palace Spa, known for its top-notch services and serene ambience. Guests can indulge in a range of more and more esoteric treatments and therapies designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. The spa area, which encompasses more than 48,000 square feet, also has a fitness centre, a private spa pool, a large outdoor pool, and a beauty salon offering literally every service imaginable; lastly, they have one of the biggest and best flower shops in the world.

Located in Macau, a city we all already know for its vibrant atmosphere and bustling entertainment scene, Wynn Palace offers guests the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. Whether it’s exploring the gaming floor, relaxing at the spa, or simply enjoying the luxurious accommodations, Wynn Palace provides a memorable experience for every customer.

#5 City of Dreams Macau

  • Size in square feet: 420,000
  • Location: Macau, China
  • Amount of gaming tables: 496
  • Amount of slot machines: 487
  • Most luxurious attractions: The Dancing Water Theatre
  • Established: 2009
  • Owned by: Melco Resorts
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 2,270

Another jewel in Macau’s crown, the City of Dreams Macau is a perfect blend of luxury and excitement. Spanning an impressive 420,000 square feet, it comes into the 5th place for the biggest casino in the world list.

With 496 gaming tables and 487 slot machines, City of Dreams Macau offers a diverse range of gaming experiences for every visitor imaginable. Of course, those expecting to play table games like blackjack and roulette will be far from disappointed; the same goes for those looking to partake in the City of Dreams’ selection of slot machines featuring various themes and denominations. True to its name, this resort ensures there’s something to cater to every gaming dream.

Established in 2009, and owned by Melco Resorts, the City of Dreams Macau has firmly established itself as a premier destination for entertainment and hospitality. The resort boasts a myriad of attractions, but one that mustn’t be missed is The Dancing Water Theatre. This state-of-the-art performance venue hosts the world-renowned “The House of Dancing Water” show, a breathtaking spectacle of water acrobatics, captivating music, and stunning visual effects that leave audiences spellbound.

September 2010 saw the debut of the production, which was Franco Dragone’s company’s second water show. By 2020, it had been seen by over 2 million people and performed over 3,800 times.

After indulging in the excitement of the gaming floor or experiencing the awe-inspiring performances at The Dancing Water Theatre, guests can retreat to one of the 2,270 luxurious hotel rooms. Each room is meticulously designed to provide a haven of comfort and relaxation, offering stunning views of the city skyline or the resort’s picturesque surroundings.

#6 Galaxy Macau

  • Size in square feet: 400,000
  • Location: Macau, China
  • Amount of gaming tables: 650
  • Amount of slot machines: 1,500
  • Most luxurious attractions: Fortune Diamond and Galaxy Laserama
  • Established: 2011
  • Owned by: Galaxy Entertainment Group
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 2,200

Don’t let Galaxy Macau’s elegance fool you – it is just as energetic and vibrant as it is luxurious. Spanning an impressive 400,000 square feet, it secured the sixth spot on the biggest casino in the world list.

With 650 gaming tables and 1,500 slot machines, City of Dreams Macau offers a diverse range of gaming experiences for every type of visitor. Of course, it doesn’t lack in any gaming department: You’ll find classic tables for blackjack, roulette, and poker, but your slot experience won’t be questionable, either. Never has Galaxy Macau allowed a visitor to leave unsatisfied by the amount of games on offer.

Established in 2011 and owned by Galaxy Entertainment Group, Galaxy Macau has more than enough experience in operating casino resorts. Apart from Galaxy Macau, they also own:

  • The StarWorld Macau
  • CityClub Casinos
  • Broadway Casino

The Galaxy Macau casino resort currently consists of five different hotels, each with its own ‘theme’: Galaxy Macau, Banyan Tree, Hotel Okura, The Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott. The grand total of 2200 rooms is separated into – Deluxe rooms, Galaxy Suites, Premier Suites, Palace Suits and Royal Suits.

As far as entertainment goes, Galaxy Macau has one of the best shows – the “Galaxy Macau Diamond Show”, where you can find a stunning display in the Diamond Lobby featuring music, lights, water, and visual arts. Prepare to be stupefied as the enormous awe-inspiring diamond appears out of nowhere, spins around in front of your eyes, and then gets swallowed by the fountain, blessing everyone with good fortune.

#7 Mohegan Sun

  • Size in square feet: 364,000
  • Location: Uncasville, Connecticut, USA
  • Amount of gaming tables: 300
  • Amount of slot machines: 4,000
  • Most luxurious attractions: 10,000-seat Mohegan Sun Arena, waterfall, golf course
  • Established: 1996
  • Owned by: the Mohegan Tribe
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 1,600

My excursion to the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut, USA, was a thrilling immersion into one of the world’s largest and most captivating casino resorts. Spanning an impressive 364,000 square feet, Mohegan Sun is an iconic destination that rightfully takes its 7th spot on my “biggest casino in the world” list.

With an expansive gaming floor housing 300 gaming tables and an astonishing 4,000 slot machines, the Mohegan Sun offers a near-unparalleled array of gaming options. Regardless of your skill level or preference for specific games, I can guarantee you won’t be left bored.

Established in 1996 and owned by the Mohegan Tribe, the Mohegan Sun has carved out a reputation as a premier destination for hospitality and entertainment. Among its most luxurious attractions are the renowned 10,000-seat Mohegan Sun Arena, which hosts world-class concerts, sporting events, and performances, as well as a spectacular waterfall and a pristine golf course.

Following an exhilarating day of gaming and exploration, guests are invited to unwind in one of the resort’s 1,600 impeccably appointed hotel rooms. Each room is elegantly furnished and equipped with modern amenities, offering a serene refuge from the excitement of the resort.

#8 Foxwoods Resort Casino

  • Size in square feet: 344,000
  • Location: Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, USA
  • Amount of gaming tables: 249
  • Amount of slot machines: 3,400
  • Most luxurious attractions: Monza Karting, XD dark Ride and Highflyer zipline
  • Established: 1992
  • Owned by: the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 2,228

A visit to Foxwoods Resort Casino in the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, USA, is an immersive experience hosted by one of the country’s largest and most dynamic casino resorts. Spread across 344,000 square feet, Foxwoods is a hub of entertainment, boasting a diverse range of attractions.

Apart from being the 8th biggest casino in the world, it is also most renowned for its poker rooms and tables.

With 249 gaming tables and 3,400 slot machines, Foxwoods offers an extensive selection of gaming options. Slots machines range from pennies to jackpots, but table-game players aren’t neglected on the Foxwoods floor. Not as famous as the Mohegan Sun for it, Foxwoods has plenty to entertain poker players nonetheless, and fans of blackjack and roulette won’t have anything to complain about, either.

Established in 1992 and owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, Foxwoods has become synonymous with outstanding hospitality and excitement. Alongside its gaming offerings, the resort features attractions such as Monza Karting for high-speed racing thrills, the XD Dark Ride for immersive virtual reality experiences, and the Highflyer Zipline for breathtaking aerial views. Some of the lesser known, but still quite fun, entertainment venues here include Axcitment – an axe throwing area – and a Roll Bar & Kitchen.

As you might have guessed, the most famous attraction is Monza Karting. They pride themselves on it being the only indoor karting track in the nation that offers both high-performance electric and gas-powered karts on a dramatic, multi-level indoor course, with 14 turns and a sophisticated timing & scoring system for a true motorsports experience.

After a day of gaming and exploration, guests can relax in one of the resort’s 2,228 hotel rooms. Each room offers comfort and convenience, providing a retreat from the excitement of the casino floor.

#9 Wynn Macau

  • Size in square feet: 294,000
  • Location: Macau, China
  • Amount of gaming tables: 570
  • Amount of slot machines: 1,100
  • Most luxurious attractions: Golden Flower restaurant, Wing Lei restaurant
  • Established: 2006
  • Owned by: Wynn Macau, Limited
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 1,010

Wynn Macau takes the ninth spot for the biggest casino in the world list. Located in the heart of Macau and covering 294,000 square feet, this renowned resort can offer you a chance to change your fortunes at 570 gaming tables and 1100 slot machines.

Slot machine minimums are from 5 cents to $10, while table games’ lowest deposit is $50. Depending on the gaming table, it can go up to $3000, as Baccarat is reserved for High Limit and VIP rooms.

Established in 2006 and owned by Wynn Macau, Limited, the resort is renowned for its luxury offerings. Among its most-esteemed attractions are the Golden Flower and Wing Lei restaurants, known for their exquisite cuisine and elegant ambience.

Wing Lei Palace is surely one of the attractions they take the most pride in. Renowned chef Tam Kwok Fong, who formerly oversaw the Jade Dragon (which has three Michelin stars) and Pearl Dragon (which has one Michelin star), has brought his skills to Wing Lei Palace. In 2021, he received his first Michelin star quite quickly.

After a day of gaming and dining, guests can rest in one of the 1,010 luxurious hotel rooms offered by Wynn Macau. Each guest space is meant to represent the ideal blend of comfort and sophistication, ensuring a memorable stay for every customer. The Wynn Macau truly epitomises lavish hospitality in the luxury hub of the world.

#10 Ponte 16 Macau

  • Size in square feet: 270,000
  • Location: Macau, China
  • Amount of gaming tables: 150
  • Amount of slot machines: 320
  • Most luxurious attractions: Sofitel Spa, Fitness and Pools
  • Established: 2008
  • Owned by: Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A.
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 427

Ponte 16 Macau is the 10th biggest casino in the world. It takes up 270,000 square feet of the Macau metropolitan area, which is downright cozy compared to the first three candidates on the list. Still, make no mistake – this resort is still bigger than most places you’ll ever go and offers 150 gaming tables and 320 slot machines, creating an intimate yet thrilling gaming atmosphere.

Established in 2008 and under the ownership of Sociedade de Jogos de Macau, S.A., Ponte 16 Macau features a variety of upscale amenities. The Sofitel Spa, Fitness, and Pools are the standout attractions, providing guests with a luxurious retreat for relaxation and wellness.

After a day of gaming and pampering at the spa, visitors can relax in one of the 427 inviting hotel rooms offered by Ponte 16 Macau. Each room reflects the resort’s dedication to providing top-notch hospitality and would leave no guest indifferent.

Top 3 contenders for the biggest casino in the world list

I’ll now present three exceptional contenders in the world of casinos, whose omission from the largest casino list doesn’t diminish their excellence.

While their square footage may not have landed them in the top 10, their commitment to providing top-tier hospitality and entertainment is still unmatched by most establishments. One contender, while not the largest in overall size, boasts the world’s largest hotel, epitomising luxury and extravagance.

Here are the 3 runner-ups for the biggest casino in the world list:

Rio Casino Resort

  • Size in square feet: 266,330
  • Location: Klerksdorp, South Africa
  • Amount of gaming tables: 12
  • Amount of slot machines: 274
  • Most luxurious attractions: Copacabana Restaurant, F.L.A.G. Cafe
  • Established: 2002
  • Owned by: Peermont Global
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 70

First, allow me to introduce the Rio Casino Resort in Klerksdorp, South Africa. Though its square footage may not place it among the largest, Rio Casino Resort is a beacon of excitement in the heart of South Africa. Boasting 12 gaming tables and 274 slot machines, this intimate resort offers an exclusive gaming experience for its patrons.

Established in 2002 and owned by Peermont Global, Rio Casino Resort is delighted to offer guests top-notch hospitality and entertainment. Its most luxurious attractions include the Copacabana Restaurant and F.L.A.G. Cafe, where guests can indulge in exquisite cuisine and fine dining.

While Rio Casino Resort may have a modest 70 hotel rooms, each accommodation was made with a comfortable and memorable stay for guests in mind. You’ll be all set to uncover the charm and allure of Rio Casino Resort, where every visit promises an unforgettable experience.

The MGM Grand

  • Size in square feet: 171,500
  • Location: Las Vegas, USA
  • Amount of gaming tables: 139
  • Amount of slot machines: 2,500
  • Most luxurious attractions: MGM Grand Garden Arena and MGM Grand’s Topgolf
  • Established: 1993
  • Owned by: VICI Properties
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 6,852

The second runner-up, the MGM Grand is an iconic destination in the heart of Las Vegas, USA. Its gaming area of 171,500 square feet may not be the largest I’ve ever seen, but the MGM Grand sets itself apart with its expansive hotel accommodations, a veritable labyrinth of 6,852 rooms.

Established in 1993 and owned by VICI Properties, The MGM Grand offers a diverse array of entertainment options. From its 139 gaming tables and 2,500 slot machines to its most luxurious attractions—the MGM Grand Garden Arena and the MGM Grand’s Topgolf—this resort promises an unforgettable experience for every guest.

Over its 30-year existence, The Grand Garden Arena has welcomed countless events, ranging from magnificent concerts and championship fights to top-tier sports action and special occasions. Some of the star-studded entertainers who enriched the Grand Garden Arena are – Avril Lavigne, Megan Thee Stallion, Kid Cudi, Five Finger Death Punch, and many more.

Casino Lisboa

  • Size in square feet: 165,000
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Amount of gaming tables: 25
  • Amount of slot machines: 1,000
  • Most luxurious attractions: The Oceans Auditorium and the Arena Lounge
  • Established: 2006
  • Owned by: Estoril-Sol
  • Amount of hotel rooms: 0

Across the pond and at the end of our list awaits Casino Lisboa, a vibrant destination in, as you may have guessed, Lisbon, Portugal. It covers 165,000 square feet, this casino offers an intimate gaming experience with 25 gaming tables and 1,000 slot machines.

Established in 2006 and owned by Estoril-Sol, Casino Lisboa is renowned for its luxurious attractions, including The Oceans Auditorium and the Arena Lounge, which provide guests with unforgettable entertainment experiences.

Apart from its best-known luxury attractions, Casino Lisboa can also host you in its Play Bar, Joker Bar and Baccarat Bar.

While Casino Lisboa does not offer hotel accommodations, its appeal lies in its gaming offerings and captivating attractions, making it a must-visit destination for gaming enthusiasts and entertainment seekers alike in the heart of Lisbon.

FAQ about the world’s biggest casinos

1. Where is the largest casino in the world located?

The largest casino in the world, based on its total gaming floor area, is The Venetian Macao in Macau, China. Located in the Cotai Strip.

2. What is the biggest casino in Europe?

The biggest casino in Europe is Casino Estoril in Estoril, Portugal 18 km from Lisbon offering over 1,200 slot and table games.

3. What is the largest casino in the United States?

The largest casino in the United States is WinStar World Casino and Resort with around 600,000 square feet.

4. Which casino has the most yearly revenue?

It is not easy to find this information, but from what I could gather it would seem that MGM Resorts International had the biggest yearly revenue in 2022 – $12.55 billion.

5. What is the biggest casino in Las Vegas?

The biggest casino in Las Vegas is the Wynn and Encore resorts featuring 191,424 square feet of space with over 180 gaming tables and more than 1,800 slot machines.

6. What is the biggest casino in the UK?

The largest casino in the UK is Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City located in London, featuring approximately 65,000 square feet offering around 150 slot machines.

7. What is the biggest casino in Africa?

The biggest casino in Africa is the Rio Casino Resort.

8. What is the oldest casino in the world?

The oldest casino in the world is Casino di Venezia, which is situated in Venice, Italy. It first welcomed guests in 1638 and has since grown to become a well-known landmark in the city, drawing tourists from all over the world with its admirable looks and extensive history.

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