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Crazy jobs on offer in Saudi Arabia’s £803bn mega-city


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A futuristic mega-city – complete with an artificial moon and flying taxis – planned for Saudi Arabia has started its recruitment process.

Neom is the urban area being built by Saudi Arabia in Tabuk. Launched in 2017 by crown prince Bin Salman it aims to include an astonishing array of components in the 28,000 square kilometre city in the middle of the desert.

From a robot dinosaur park to the latest cloud-seeding technology to guarantee artificial rain – the plans sound absolutely mind-boggling.

But like any major project – people are needed to make it work. And it seems like the recruitment drive has already started for the city that it’s hoped will be complete by 2039.

Its official website explains more about the opportunities on offer.

It says: “The land of the future where the greatest minds and the best talent are empowered to embody pioneering ideas and exceed boundaries in a world inspired by imagination.

“Have your impact. Are you passionate enough and inquisitive enough to challenge the norm? Join us on a journey of visionary minds where you seek to understand, embrace culture, make the difference, and create a legacy.”

It adds: “Be the dreamer and the doer.”

There are many jobs on offer including the director of the Neom Community School, leader of animal repopulation and – perhaps somewhat bizarrely – a director of personalised genetic health. 

Controversially, Bin Salman hopes to use genetic engineering to develop mutations that increase strength and IQ. 

There are around 262 vacancies on Neom’s website with many more run-of-the-mill roles available too – such as construction manager, engineer, and digital marketing.

However, the £803bn project by the Saudi Arabian government to create a new metropolis in the middle of the desert is already facing problems.

Le Figaro reported that the project is already facing delays as well as a downgrading in the number of people due to live in the completed city. One investor has allegedly started to fire some of the people helping to build the project.

Some experts have questioned whether it is even possible and if these first delays are the first of many for the urban mega project.

The Guardian reported that some people who used to work on the project have claimed it is “untethered from reality”.

And it has been revealed that the overall budget for the Neom project has yet to be finalised by the Saudi Arabian government, leaving many uncertain as to the final cost of The Line – a major component of the city.

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