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From Hectic Jobs To High Seas: UK Couple Leaves Jobs To Sail Out Life On Yacht With Children


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Embarking on a sailboat aboard a yacht is a thrilling adventure that promises the freedom of the open sea and the excitement of exploring new horizons. With the wind in your sails and the vast ocean stretching out before you, each day brings new experiences and challenges.

According to a report in the New York Post, a couple from the United Kingdom, Laura and Ross Colledge, recently made a bold move by quitting their jobs and relocating with their family to a yacht in Greece. Their decision stemmed from concerns about feeling too disconnected as a family.

Working more than 50 hours every week

Laura explained, “Ross was working more than 50 hours every week, and we hardly saw each other. He felt like our children were growing up too fast, and he was missing out on so much.” The couple wanted to give their children an exciting, adventurous upbringing that didn’t focus on buying lots of stuff, and they wanted to help their children with their education, especially as one of their sons has ADHD.

According to reports, in the summer of 2019, the family moved to Greece after sorting out their money and buying a 2005 Bavaria 42 yacht that they’d been thinking about for a while.

Starting from Mykonos, the Colledge family sailed through the Dodecanese and Aegean seas, eventually settling in the Ionian Islands. Laura mentioned, “We’ve always been drawn to the ocean, spending many years surfing and kayaking in Newquay.”

Exploring the Greek islands

For the last five years, the Colledge family has been exploring the Greek islands, enjoying their life on the move despite the uncertainties it brings. Laura describes sailing life as unpredictable, making it tricky to balance work and leisure. Keeping a routine is tough, as they must adapt to changes in weather or other situations.

Their children have different schooling arrangements: one is taught at home, while the other attends a virtual secondary school. Laura serves as the first mate, with Ross as the captain of their yacht. They also run BoatFit, an online fitness and wellness site, and Sailing Holly Blue, a blog detailing their sea adventures.

The family plans to upgrade to a larger boat as their children grow. However, they’ve already made several adjustments to their current vessel, including installing solar power, lithium-ion batteries, and a watermaker. These upgrades allow them to live off the grid, without worrying about utility bills. Laura mentions they often collaborate with sponsors via their social media profiles.

Laura finds solace in being close to nature and facing the elements head-on. She believes that living amidst nature puts everything else into perspective, making trivial things seem unimportant.

Laura also noted, “Being in a relationship during sailing life quickly reveals if your partner is truly your soulmate. It’s like being in a pressure cooker round-the-clock, where you learn to choose your battles wisely and where you’re willing to make compromises. Through it all, your relationship grows to an amazing level, and your respect and admiration for each other only get stronger.”

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