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Generative AI in the U.K.: 36 Percent Have Used It, But Deloitte Highlights Need to Improve “Fluency”


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A total of 36 percent of U.K. citizens, or 18 million people between the ages of 16 and 75, have used a generative AI tool, such as ChatGPT, Google Gemini, or Midjourney, according to new research from advisory and consulting firm Deloitte. That is up from 26 percent recorded in 2023, its Digital Consumer Trends 2024 survey of 4,150 U.K. adults aged 16-75 found.

“Just over a third (36 percent) of generative AI users use it once a week or daily. This is equivalent to 13 percent of all people in the U.K.,” the firm highlighted in the report. “Four percent of all people in the U.K. claim to use generative AI daily (versus 3 percent in 2023). Two in five (41 percent) of generative AI users are extremely infrequent users, at less often than once per month.”

And 26 percent of respondents only tried it once or twice. “They may have experimented but seen little utility in the technology,” Deloitte highlighted.

The number of Brits who have used generative AI at work is up 66 percent to seven million from four million last year, according to the research. “Given that many organizations still lack an official stance on use and/or a governance structure, many of these employees may have used GenAI outside of the purview of their management,” Deloitte noted.

What are the top usage cases at work? Generating ideas (44 percent) and searching (41 percent) are the most common applications. The latter sees people “looking up information” using generative AI. “This is likely concerning given its propensity to ‘hallucinate’, which is a function of being a probability engine rather than a knowledge model,” Deloitte warned. “Hallucinating” refers to generative AI producing mistakes.

“A subset of consumers remain underinformed about how generative AI works and its drawbacks,” Deloitte highlighted. “While 25 percent of those who are aware of GenAI think it is always correct, an even greater 36 percent of users think it is always correct.” Concluded the firm: “A robust governance structure and employee training are important to mitigate these risks.”

Warned Paul Lee, partner and head of technology, media and telecommunications research at Deloitte: “While the most popular uses tend to be generating ideas and looking up information, these may not be optimal applications of GenAI, given known issues such as hallucination. Employers need to step up and invest in tools and governance to better support their staff in using this technology.”

Added Costi Perricos, partner and global generative AI lead at Deloitte: “Whether organizations have supportive or strict policies on the use of generative AI, it is clear that improving business AI fluency is vital.”

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