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Hello, your love and sex horoscope for the weekend is here


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What’s happening: The Moon is in fiery Sagittarius for most of the weekend until it enters earthy Capricorn early on Sunday morning. Monday is a big day in the cosmos: First, Mars joins up with Neptune, a once-every-other-year transit that amps up your emotions, provides loads of opportunity for romance, and turns sex into a more intimate act. Also on Monday, Venus enters sensual Taurus, one of its favourite signs! Then, on Tuesday, Mars enters Aries, making you feel more confident, bold, and maybe a bit extra. Finally, Venus squares off with Pluto on Wednesday and initiates sudden changes in your relationship. Good luck!

What that means for your star sign


This weekend is fine for hooking up or going on casual dates, but meh otherwise, unfortunately. Monday’s astro looks tough, and you’re likely to get your attention snagged by an ex. If they’re being shady (which they likely are), don’t start a fight — just hit block. Mars entering your sign on Tuesday cranks up your sex drive and puts getting at the top of your to-do list. Your stamina is higher, you’re oozing sex appeal, and finding someone hot to have fun with is easier than ever!


Venus moves into your sign this week and gives you a cosmic glow up. You’re feeling friendlier, you’re looking great, and people can’t keep their eyes off of you! If you’ve been crushing on someone in your circle and want to shoot your shot, use Mars’s help on Monday. You’ll find the right words to say to get what you want! You’re in control of your love life this week, Taurus, so if there’s something you want or, go get it!


This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon activates your chart’s relationships zone, so whether you’re hooking up, going on dates, or just hanging with your partner, any time you share with others is time well spent — and it’s easier to connect with new people and shoot your shot now, too. Then, Venus moves into your chart’s 12th House on Monday. For most people, Venus in the 12th House is a tough period where past relationships and exes come back to haunt you. Not you, though! Your 12th House happens to be the sign of Taurus, which is one of the signs Venus loves. You might bump into an ex or two, but these blasts from the past don’t have bad intentions.


You’re having a bummer of a weekend, but once the Moon enters Capricorn on Sunday, the vibe changes for the better! The beginning of this week is all about leaving your comfort zone. Get out of your shell and shoot your shot! Whether that means defining the relationship, asking someone on a date, or just telling your partner something new you want to try (in or out of bed 😏), if you want to make a change, you have to initiate it. This is a time of growth. Growth requires change and change is difficult, but you won’t regret it.


The Moon is in fiery Sagittarius! Ask someone out or hook up with that hottie who keeps eyeing you up at the bar. Try something new in bed, or go to an exciting place for date night! This weekend is all about hanging loose and having fun. Then, Venus entering Taurus on Monday brings a much different vibe. It urges you to take love more seriously! Casual hookups and flings aren’t doing it for you right now. But when it comes to relationships, defining the relationship, and connecting with your true special someone, Venus in Taurus is helping you out!


Although this weekend starts off slow, Sunday really picks up the pace. In fact, you’re noticing lots of change in your love life. Change is scary, I know, but when it leads to growth, it’s a good thing. Sex is way better right now. It’s lasting longer, you’re feeling closer with your partner, and what used to just be “intimate” now feels sensual, erotic, and deep. Hookups will very likely lead to you catching feelings, but if you’re already coupled up, get ready for some intense, toe-curling, eyes-rolling-in-the-back-of-your-head, leave-your-legs-shaking sex.


This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon activates your chart’s communications zone. Your DMs are full of hotties trying to hit you up, and that’s fine with you because you’re having fun flirting with everyone. Keep things casual, because although this astro-weather can be lots of fun, it doesn’t really lend itself towards sustaining serious relationships. Later this week, things get heavy. Beginning on Monday, Venus in Taurus puts you into a more serious mindset when it comes to love. And then on Tuesday, fiery Mars enters Aries, indicating that you’re getting some pushback from your partner. Are you willing to talk things out? Can you be calm and listen? Are you going to fight with your love, or for your love? If you push pash that initial Mars-in-Aries energy and sort things out, the two of you will be unstoppable together!


Whether you’re looking for romance or sex, there are lots of opportunities coming your way. From Sunday til Wednesday, sex becomes better and more intense thanks to Neptune’s help — but it also makes it very easy to catch feelings for a fling. Then, Venus entering Taurus on Tuesday kicks off a transit that lasts for almost a month and activates your chart’s relationships zone. This means that you and your special someone or favourite person are growing much closer, whether in bed or out of bed (or both). P.S. Venus in Taurus is one of the best times ever for defining the relationship, moving in together, or even proposing!


The Moon in your sign for most of the weekend makes it easier for you to open up and find more room in your life for romance. Emotions are hard for you, but I really suggest going with the flow, letting ‘em out, and sharing your thoughts with your special someone — even the negative feelings that come up. If not, all of these pent-up feelings will eventually cause you to blow up…and it’ll probably happen during the Venus/Pluto transit on Wednesday. This transit wants to initiate immediate change in your relationship, and if you’re still wrestling with all of your feelings, a fight could happen. Talk it out before things get too bad!


This weekend? Boring. But once the week starts? The vibes are great! The start of the week is romantic, thanks to Neptune’s influence helping you to let your feelings out and start important conversations with your significant other. Then, Venus moves into Taurus on Tuesday and activates your chart’s 5th House, which rules romance, sex, and fun. Potential paramours are trying to link up with you, romance feels more meaningful, and sex is hotter than ever. Hang loose, hook up, fool around, and have a good time with this upbeat astro-weather — just make sure you don’t overdo things. 😉


This weekend’s Sagittarius Moon wants you to feel young, wild, and free. Hooking up and casual flings are extra fun right now. It’s also a good time to try something new in bed with your partner — maybe even inviting an extra person or two to join you? But things come to a screeching halt once the week begins. Venus in Taurus is so not about hookups and flings. Instead, this transit wants you to focus on deepening your relationships and spending time with the people you have history with. New love is harder to come by, but you’re able to really strengthen and nurture your already-existing relationships.


You’re absolutely magnetic on Monday, thanks to the help from Mars and Neptune. Your sex drive is cranked up to eleven right now, and you’ve got plenty of potential lovers to pick from right now. The way you walk, the way you talk, and the way you look are all very intriguing right now, so people are practically lining up just to talk to you. Venus entering your chart’s communication zone on Tuesday also helps; the planet of love is helping you find the perfect words to say to pick up some hotties. One thing to keep an eye out for: Venus square Pluto on Wednesday looks a little volatile, and there could be an ex that needs to be dealt with.

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