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‘I’m a budgeting expert and here’s how to clinch the cheapest travel deals’


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With access to last minute travel deals online finding the cheapest foreign getaway has become a national sport.

But with many of us trying the same tactics to grasp those bargain holiday deals, it’s becoming trickier to get a true steal.

Now Jason Higgs, a senior deals strategist at bargain-hunting website Bountii has given his top tips for getting away without shelling out a fortune.

He said: “Spontaneous travel doesn’t mean compromising on quality or blowing your budget.

“With the right strategies, like leveraging deal websites and being flexible with your plans, you can uncover amazing bargains and enjoy the thrill of unexpected journeys.” 

You can read his five bits of advice in his rundown below.

1. Utilise Deal Websites

Jason says taking advantage of websites dedicated to travel deals, such as Going, Skyscanner, and LastMinute.com, can significantly cut costs. 

These platforms aggregate deals, helping you find the best prices across various airlines, hotels, and package deals. 

By using these deal websites, you can save anywhere from 20 percent to 50 percent on your travel expenses, making spontaneous trips more affordable and accessible.

2. Follow the 24-Hour Flight Rule

Checking flight prices 24 hours before your planned departure can yield substantial savings. 

Airlines often drop prices to fill empty seats at the last minute, says Jason.

This method can save you up to 50 percent on airfare, especially on international flights, making it a valuable strategy for those looking to travel on a budget.

3. Book One-Way Flights

Jason says that instead of booking round-trip tickets, consider purchasing one-way flights from different airlines. 

This approach allows you to mix and match airlines and take advantage of the best available rates for each leg of your journey. 

Booking one-way flights can lead to savings of up to 30 percent, providing more flexibility and cost efficiency.

4. Be Flexible with Dates and Destinations

Flexibility is key when planning last-minute travel says Jason. 

Being open to flying a day earlier or later, or choosing a different destination, can lead to substantial savings. This flexibility can save you up to 35 percent on airfare and similar savings can apply to accommodation costs. 

5. Sign Up for Airline and Hotel Newsletters

It can be annoying to do, but Jason says subscribing to newsletters from airlines and hotel chains can provide exclusive last-minute offers and discounts.

Newsletter subscribers often enjoy savings of 20 percent to 40 percent on both flights and hotel stays, making it a worthwhile strategy for those looking to save on spontaneous travel.

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