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‘I’m a fitness expert – this exercise is a fountain of youth in workout form’


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A fitness expert a content creator has told Express.co.uk her secret to feeling good and even looking younger.

Gemma Folkard is a pilates instructor who created the online platform Shape Pilates to help others reap the benefits of this exercise.

Sharing her love of pilates, the mum-of-three explained that it is more than just an exercise class, but rather acts as a “fountain of youth in workout form”.

She went on: “There is no solution for ageing skin, or reversing the clock, however feeling energetic and physically capable from the inside out will radiate youth – you might even appear to look younger.”

Pilates can help regain flexibility as well as strengthen muscles to “stabilise the body”, which then leads to even more benefits.

Gemma shared: “As we get older, we tend to lose some of that flexibility, which can make us feel and look a bit stiff, which in itself is ageing.

“Pilates stretches and strengthens your muscles in such a balanced way that you can maintain, or even improve, your flexibility.

“This not only helps you move more gracefully but also keeps those joints happy and healthy.”

The expert clarified: “Pilates isn’t about bulking up; it’s more about creating a balanced body with strong muscles that work as they should.

“It also targets smaller deeper muscles and the powerhouse or core (abdominals, pelvic floor, hips) which help to stabilise the body whilst moving through life.

“Tripping and falling happens too often as we age so we need to be training our muscles as regularly as possible in functional ways.”

And the results don’t stop there or at a toned physique, pilates also helps improve posture and align the spine.

“Nothing screams old age like a hunched back and slumped shoulders,” Gemma went on. “Pilates is big on aligning your spine and strengthening the muscles around it.”

“Regular sessions can seriously improve your posture, making you look taller, slimmer and more confident.”

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