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‘I’m a travel pro – tourists must make one check to avoid being arrested abroad’


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One of YouTube’s most popular travel personalities has shared a warning that could see tourists face significant fines and, in some cases, time in prison.

Megan runs the YouTube channel Portable Professional and regularly creates videos to help viewers avoid scams commonly found when travelling and make the most of their time on flights.

In a popular video, Megan warned tourists to always do their research on the items that are banned in the destinations they are travelling to.

She advised: “It would be a big mistake not to know the rules and regulations of any country that you are transiting through, especially in regard to regulated substances like CBD oil.

“CBD oil might be legal in your departure and your destination countries, but carrying it through certain transit countries can lead to severe legal consequences.”

Whilst tourists should check that all of the items they intend to pack are allowed in the destinations they intend to visit, Megan suggested particularly focusing on whether medicinal substances, such as CBD oils, are banned.

In Europe, the substance is considered legal in most countries, so long that it has a THC level of under a certain amount. However, it is banned in Albania, Andorra and Belarus.

Many countries will also require tourists to bring a prescription with them to show that it will be used for medical purposes.

Megan highlighted that there have previously been cases in which tourists visiting Dubai have been arrested and, in some cases, imprisoned for having traces of the substance in their system.

She added: “There have been cases where travellers face legal issues in Dubai due to the presence of substances like THC in their system upon arrival, even if they were not [physically] carrying the substance with them.

“This highlights the importance of understanding and respecting the landscape related to drugs and other regulated items in transit countries. Do the research as you might be surprised what you find.”

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