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Kyren Wilson v David Gilbert LIVE: World Snooker Championship latest updates


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This afternoon’s World Snooker Championship action is a scintillating match-up between Kyren Wilson and David Gilbert. Wilson, who has perhaps been playing the most consistently great snooker of the tournament, notched up a series of high breaks on his way to a 13-8 quarter-final victory over John Higgins while Gilbert reached the the final four in the World Championship for the first time in five years also with a 13-8 win over Stephen Maguire.

The pre-tournament favourite and world No 1 Ronnie O’Sullivan crashed out at the quarter-final stage of the World Snooker Championship as Stuart Bingham progressed to the semi-finals following a thrilling and stylishly competent contest at the Crucible.

Bingham returns to action during Thursday’s evening session where he will face Jak Jones who provided another major upset by defeating Judd Trump.

Follow all the action from the World Snooker Championship below, and get the latest predictions and odds here:


Kyren Wilson 1-1 David Gilbert

Oh! The crowd didn’t see this coming. Gilbert scutters the black over the bottom left pocket after a comfortable break of 40. If that dropped then he would have been quids in to take the frame.

Now, Wilson has a chance to respond.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:56


Kyren Wilson 1-1 David Gilbert

Wilson takes on a long pot to the bottom right after Gilbert breaks off but again his way off line coming down the table and leaves his opponent with the opportunity to score first.

Gilbert absolutely takes advantage, tidying up the loose reds near the middle of the table with the help of both the blue and the yellow.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:53


Kyren Wilson 1-1 David Gilbert

The movement of the black and pink has caused an issue for both players in this frame but Gilbert has handled it better. A lovely long pot to sink the blue to the top pocket increases his lead but there are still and few problematic reds to deal with.

A break of 39 means Wilson needs snookers to take the frame back but he may not get the chance. Gilbert gets the pink to drop and bounces round to houses to get back onto one of the two remaining reds.

He doesn’t pot it along the bottom cushion but Wilson remains in his set. Gilbert draws back level.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:49


Kyren Wilson 1-0 David Gilbert

Or not. A positional error from Gilbert means he doesn’t leave a red on for himself towards the bottom end of the table and he’s forced to knock the cueball safe with just a nine point lead.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:42


Kyren Wilson 1-0 David Gilbert

Another miss from Wilson. He needs to use the rest to slip a red into the bottom left pocket but doesn’t quite get the angle right and the opportunity to get further ahead goes begging.

David Gilbert has the chance to win the frame from here with the remaining reds all fairly accessible. In no time he’s overturned Wilson’s lead and moved ahead in the frame.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:40


Kyren Wilson 1-0 David Gilbert

Wilson manages to score first in this frame but a simple error sees a red lip out of the bottom left pocket. Gilbert knocks it in in response but hasn’t got a shot on either the pink or black as both have been dislodged from their spots.

There’ll be a bit of tactical play now, Wilson leads 7-1 in the second frame.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:35


Kyren Wilson 1-0 David Gilbert

Wilson breaks off for frame number two with a bit of confidence after getting on the board early. He’ll be hoping to end to that tally as soon as possible and put his stamp on this semi-final as quickly as he can – just as he did against John Higgins.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:31


Kyren Wilson 1-0 David Gilbert

Wilson has another potential trip up with a long pot to the top right but he rolls it into the middle of the pocket with seeming ease. His positional play off the black that follows is terrific and he nestles in the next red to middle left.

When the final red goes in too Wilson looks to have locked up this frame. Just the colours to go for a potential century break…

… nope. The break ends at 73 but that’s enough to give the opening frame to him. He takes it 81-23.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:29


Kyren Wilson 0-0 David Gilbert

Wilson goes about tidying up some of the available reds with half a mind on who to open up some of the three that are by the left hand cushion.

A cannon moves one of them into the middle of the table and he can play off the pink to keep the break going. A break of 46 gives him a lead of 31 and now he has to decide how the tackle the difficult remaining reds.

The first one is blitz into the top right pocket from the middle of the table which earns him a round of applause, rightly so. Great shot.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:26


Kyren Wilson 0-0 David Gilbert

It’s a slow and steady build from Gilbert who switches around off both the pink and black as he notches up a score of 23. A thin cut on a red close to the bottom cushion doesn’t drop and the advantage swings back to Wilson.

Mike Jones2 May 2024 13:22

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