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Stretch your wingspan, Leo—it’s time to soar! April is packed with planetary action galore in Aries and your ninth house of growth, travel and new horizons. The Sun is in the Ram’s court until April 19, and there’s a total solar eclipse on April 8 in Aries that’s got the world abuzz. 

If you’ve been playing too small of a game in life, prepare to lunge out of the familiar. Adventures are calling, and you’ve earned (at least) one after all the hard work you’ve done this year. 

That said, you’ll want to have a backup plan and a few alternate routes mapped from April 1 to 25 while Mercury goes retrograde in Aries. Mercury is the planet of communication, technology and travel, and it makes a challenging backspin three to four times a year. During this signal-scrambling cycle, even the best-laid agendas can encounter surprise setbacks. 

Nothing can really stop you once you put your mind to something, Leo, even if you have to pace yourself. The ninth house is the realm of new horizons, and your inner explorer may develop a raging case of wanderlust during Aries season. 

If you’ve got a vacation scheduled, make sure to triple-check everything, from your passport expiration to your accommodations. Read those Tripadvisor reviews before booking. Since Mercury retrograde can mess with technology, be sure you actually complete all the transactions. (Yikes!)

Entrepreneurship and education are also within the ninth house’s domain. Thinking of launching a business or teaching about your field expertise? Before you blast out a new offering or share your life’s work with eager students, make sure everything is airtight. If not, take April to test and tweak your formula. That little bit of extra time will make your final product even better!

Another reason not to rush? On April 8, a total solar eclipse—also a supermoon—will sweep through Aries, bringing bold new ideas and opportunities to your doorstep. Adventures you haven’t even conceived of could await, especially since eclipses bring surprises. 

What could emerge from the shadows for you, Leo? In a word: purpose. This April 8 will feature SIX placements in Aries and your inspired ninth house: the Sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, the karmic north node and healer-feeler Chiron. If you’ve drifted from your highest self and calling, that will become clear—and impossible to ignore!

Maybe you’ve been playing it safe or only connecting with the same crowd instead of appealing to a new crew. A bigger audience is waiting for you, Leo. How can you build a connection with people who need your leadership and guidance? The solar eclipse will reveal hidden pathways, places where your inspirational viewpoint can be the most helpful.

There may be a few emotional or mental dragons to slay on the path there, o’ Lion-hearted one. We’ve nicknamed this April 8 new moon the Chironeclipse since healing Chiron is in a tight conjunction with the Sun and moon. This day could reveal where you still have some unresolved baggage to clear away. Did you compromise a dream to avoid upsetting others? Have you been stifling your authentic voice to avoid rocking the boat? Or maybe your message isn’t hitting the mark and you’ve alienated a few potential allies. 

Heads up: With Mercury retrograde AND so many planets in your candid ninth house, tact and diplomacy can go out the window. So take precautions, whether that means “reading the room” before launching into a diatribe or finding a way to be honest about things you haven’t said without coming off bitter or resentful. Setting ground rules for hard conversations is a good place to start

The solar eclipse could bring an unforeseen opportunity to travel, publish your work or teach what you know. Just bear in mind all the usual Mercury retrograde precautions: Leave for the airport early, back up your devices and documents, do a practice run before you present your brilliant master plan.

Ready to map those lofty spring visions into a legitimate enterprise? On April 19, the Sun enters Taurus and your ambitious tenth house, firing up your career and long-term goals until May 20. This is a time to move with calculation, make strategic connections and maybe even take on a gig that pays less in the short-term but offers a bigger win in the end. Avoid cutting corners, and plot your ascent step by meticulous step. 

While a methodical approach will serve you well, stay open to opportunities that come from unexpected sources. With innovative Uranus and lucky, expansive Jupiter making an ultra-rare conjunction in Taurus on April 20, a major professional pivot could be in the cards. Don’t be so wedded to your master plan that you turn down the chance to try something truly cutting-edge. 

This momentous Jupiter-Uranus meetup only happens once every 14 years—and the last time this duo met in Taurus was in May 1941. Today is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for your career, Leo. Break free from any confines as these liberated planets unite. It’s an express elevator (if not a rocketship) into a new level of confidence, leadership and success. If you’ve been stuck at a career plateau, Jupiter and Uranus will shake up business as usual!

Although the tenth house is a realm of mastery and hard-won accolades, that doesn’t mean you have to stay in your lane all the time. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction could take you down a new pathway where you have a chance to flex your leadership and apply your knowledge to a cutting-edge venture. Maybe you’ll incorporate AI or other new technology into your work or take a class (Jupiter rules higher education) to learn the latest on data science or pick up digital skills that will keep you on the competitive edge of your industry.

Pause for some friends-and-family downtime on April 23, when the Scorpio full moon illuminates your domestic fourth house. Indulge in self-care and set work aside to the degree possible. If you’ve been trying to numb out certain emotions, this nurturing and sensitive full moon could dredge up buried feelings. Lean on a wise, supportive person who offers you unconditional love and a safe space to vent or cry.

For some Leos, this full moon could bring changes to your living situation: the urge to redecorate, get a new roommate—or perhaps even move. Your relationship with your mother or another important woman could be in the spotlight. Prioritize your bond and use this air-clearing lunation to heal any rifts. Or do some soul-searching around your roots: How has your ancestry and upbringing shaped the person you’ve become? Honor the parts of your legacy that sustain you, and work on changing those inherited beliefs or patterns that don’t.

Get ready for a month of pulse-quickening adventures, Leo! Lusty Mars hangs out in Pisces and your erotic eighth house until the 30th, charging up your big cat swagger. Venus springs free, racing through Aries and your thril-lseeking, liberated ninth house from April 5 to 29. This sultry samba brings out your exploratory nature. All kinds of spicy games could be played behind closed doors—and possibly out in public here and there. 

But this Venus-Mars duo can be a bit of a head trip: One minute you feel private and possessive, the next you can’t get a long enough leash to run on. Try not to give your partner whiplash, okay? The best way to harness this planetary paradox is to fill the shared calendar with playdates that reconnect you to your wilder nature. 

With Venus journeying through your travel zone, a change of scenery will also restore your seductive roar. Book a scintillating baecation or travel somewhere that single people mingle. Just be sure to plan the itinerary with care since Mercury will be in a schedule-scrambling retrograde from April 1 to 25.

Fly free, Leo! Until April 19, you’re feeling pumped about your prospects, thanks to the Sun traveling through Aries and your ninth house of independence and blue-sky thinking. When you find yourself in this place of limitless possibilities, your ideas and plans get grander by the minute. (No wonder you’re so inspired!) 

On April 8, the Aries total solar eclipse in this inspirational sector of your chart could bring a whole new direction to your life. You could decide to begin a sideline or freelance gig, join a start-up or launch something entrepreneurial that could eventually give you the agency and financial freedom you crave. Perhaps you stumble across something that is totally meant to be your purpose, or you might partner with someone who brings a new opportunity—and fast! 

Just be mindful that Mercury is retrograde from April 1 to 25, a tricky time to sign contracts. With go-getter Mars in Pisces and your eighth house of joint ventures until April 30, you could find yourself with a HelloSign document or two crossing your inbox. Wait until the end of the month before entering anything binding. Excitement can spark up fast, but the passion can cool just as quickly. Let yourself entertain offers before you leap at the first one.

The April 20 Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus could bring surprise offers out of the blue. All the more reason to sit tight and see what comes your way!

Love Days: 26, 4

Money Days: 10, 19

Luck Days: 8, 15

Off Days: 14, 1, 6

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