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letter and trademark infringement From germany


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With respect, I am an Amazon UK seller starting to sell small products on Amazon, typically around £1000, sometimes £500, running a very small and tiny wholesale business. We buy products from suppliers with approval to be safe. However, I received a letter from Germany for trademark infringement, alleging that we are selling that product in Germany, which we are not. But someone ordered products from Germany, and Amazon shipped them to Germany. We stopped selling that product and informed them that we were only selling in the UK. Not sure why Amazon sent outside the UK. But they are putting pressure on us to pay damages, and I’m already in debt, unable to pay them. We also did not profit from that product.

Also, we did reply that we are not selling that product anymore, but we received a letter from them to pay damages, which is €2600, and I don’t have that much money. I bought the product on a credit card and tried to sell on Amazon for better earnings, but it didn’t go well, and I pay monthly for the credit card because of the loss. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

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