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It’s juuuust about your moment to shine, Libra. But for the first three weeks of May, you’ll spend a little time behind the scenes, preparing for your re-emergence. As the Sun makes its rounds through Taurus and your private, introspective eighth house until May 20, you’ve got permission to make an annual escape from the social scene. Slip off the grid for some transformational journeys or to do some uninterrupted work. Minimize distractions so you can focus, whether on a detailed project or a special relationship.

By now you’re probably used to this energy, Libra. Since May 16, 2023, expansive Jupiter has been in Taurus, making this internal focus a big theme of the past 12 months. This May 25, Jupiter will move into Gemini for a year, bringing you out of the depths and back into the wider, more social world.

The eighth house rules sex, intimacy and bonding, making this an important month to tend to your ties. At the May 7 Taurus new moon, a potent attraction could ignite simmering chemistry, perhaps even a soulmate connection. For longtime couples, this lunation can take your relationship to new emotional and spiritual depths. Don’t be surprised if talk turns to moving in together, an engagement, babies(!) or another permanent next step.

Financial offers and joint ventures might also be proposed to you (or by you) this month. The eighth house is the zone of merging, which also applies to your money and resources. Take a look at your long-term fiscal plans and sit down with an adviser. Investigate ways you can pool your assets or come together with others for mutual gain. From ride- and office-shares to co-op babysitting and bartered services, there are plenty of ways you can consolidate your costs or create win-win scenarios by merging superpowers.

Have your relationships gotten mired in unhealthy dynamics? On May 2, investigative Pluto begins a five-month backspin, sparking an introspective journey until October 11. This year, Pluto will split its retrograde between Aquarius (until September 1) and then Capricorn. 

For now, you’ll feel Pluto’s backspin in your passionate, flamboyant fifth house, which could dredge up old drama or power struggles, especially in your love life. Someone’s divalike behavior could get under your skin. Before you point fingers, ask yourself: Is this person a messenger, or possibly a mirror? 

If you find yourself getting angry, Pluto retrograde will remind you that the person who loses composure ultimately just…loses. Examine what’s being triggered when you react. A sense of helplessness or loss, even grief? Dig down until you get to the core of the matter.

With Pluto in reverse, some of your own control issues could flare, so be careful not to project those onto other people. Do some inner work and self-reflection. You may deal with an ego-tripping or bullying person while Pluto is retrograde. And while you should never stick around in an abusive setting, this transit pushes you to stand up for yourself if someone has been violating your boundaries. 

Watch for a sudden emotional eruption on May 13, when the Sun and Uranus make their once-a-year conjunction (meetup). With these expressive and volatile planets in Taurus and your transformational eighth house, you could have a major aha moment…but it could also open the floodgates of feelings, not all of them positive. If anger and resentment come up, don’t suppress them, but do make sure you have an appropriate channel to move them out of your system. 

The Sun-Uranus alliance can make you impulsive, so you might act on an attraction or feel a fast-rising urge to uproot some part of your life. It’s a delicate balance here. On the one hand, you could get a flash opportunity on an investment, real estate deal or something financially lucrative that demands swift and decisive action. You don’t want to miss that window. But on the other hand…the details! If you feel rushed or pressured to commit to anything without a thorough grasp of what you’re getting yourself into, stall.

The potency intensifies on May 18, when the confident Sun makes its once-a-year conjunction (meetup) with Jupiter, Many astrologers regard this date as one of the year’s luckiest and have dubbed it the Day of Miracles. A jackpot moment could await you, and this day might welcome a windfall!

A heart-opening moment could arise yet again today, or you might experience some Big Feelings. Let yourself be vulnerable, Libra, even if things get a little raw. Those sensitive subjects won’t stop nagging at you unless you deal with them directly. Take some quiet moments to decompress and tune in to your inner voice. Rich, life-transforming epiphanies await, so don’t be afraid to go a little deeper than you’re typically comfortable treading.

And then…the rainbows and brighter days FINALLY appear! On May 20, the Sun moves into Gemini and heats up your ninth house of optimism, new horizons and adventure. Come out of those depths and start swimming up to the sun-dappled surface of the water. Your Libra nature is much more simpatico with the vibe of fellow air sign Gemini. And it’s an energy you’ll be happy to know is gonna stick around since Jupiter will join the Sun here in just five more days. (Start your countdown timers!)

The ninth house also rules travel, and you’ll soon be itching for greener pastures. If you can’t get away, mix in some adventurous day trips and staycations. Carve out time to read and soak up culture. And busy yourself dropping pins all over the map for Jupiter’s impending visit.

But first, a little bit of local action could be on the horizon! Have you been searching for a new neighborhood—either to live or hang out in? The May 23 Sagittarius full moon beams into your third house of community and communication. This full moon in your local action sector can help you pinpoint the perfect new zip code or district. A sibling, neighbor or colleague may figure into events today. 

Got something to get off your chest? La luna in outspoken Sagittarius could clear the way for a much-needed honest talk. The full moon could find you fielding a LOT of options, so try not to get overwhelmed. Contemplate the full range of choices and all the benefits and shortcomings. 

You could have a powerful message to deliver through writing, speaking or teaching at this expressive full moon. A social media post could go viral over the next two weeks. But choose your words thoughtfully, considering their impact on others. La luna will be (loosely) opposite candid Jupiter and your ruler, gracious Venus. In your haste to speak your truth, you might inadvertently offend someone. Choose your words wisely, or perhaps discerningly keep them to yourself. Greener pastures are a couple days away, so you don’t want to step in **** right now. 

And…here they are! On May 25, growth-oriented Jupiter changes signs, from Taurus to Gemini, your ninth house of freedom and wanderlust, until June 9, 2025. Hallelujah! It’s been such an insular, emotional year for many Libras—so unlike your normal easygoing vibe. You may have encountered more intense sides of yourself and of others, plunging into the depths and shadows. You may even have grappled with issues of possessiveness, trust, jealousy and betrayal. 

This Jupiter in the eighth house journey was likely a hotbed of angst as you peered into the darker side of life or did important “shadow” work. The tough news cycle of the last year could have pierced your usual calm composure and optimism. If Jupiter did take you to extreme and painful depths, you will emerge with something that nobody can take from you: wisdom. On the other side of those raw emotions lies freedom. You’ve gone through it and you’re still standing. Libra, it turns out you’re stronger than you ever imagined!

The eighth house also rules large lump sums, windfalls and long-term finances. Jupiter in Taurus may have helped you amass more wealth or pay off a huge bill—forcing you to radically transform your mindset from scarcity to abundance. You’ve emerged richer, in more ways than one.

As the planet of good fortune leaves your eighth house and enters Gemini, it’ll gift you with a far more optimistic, happy-go-lucky year. About time! For the next 12 months, you could find yourself roaming the world with more curiosity and adventurousness than you’ve recently known. You might take the trip of a lifetime. Or maybe you’ll immerse yourself in an academic topic or return to school to earn a degree. New spiritual philosophies could capture your attention, too. You’ll be drawn to visionary projects and anything that helps you expand your platform. 

Overall, this year brings you more freedom, adventure and possibilities. That’s music to your Libra ears. As an air sign, your nature is to soar and explore. Get ready to jettison those sandbags and achieve liftoff, starting…now!

The urge to merge becomes a top-level priority as impassioned Mars roars through hot-blooded Aries and your partnership realm all month. This hasn’t happened in two years, and while the red planet is here until June 9, you may be bursting at the seams with strong emotions and thoughts about commitment. For couples, spicy Mars can reignite your attraction to each other and spark a sensual renaissance.

Great as it all sounds, there’s a catch. Mars drives up your motivation—but at the same time it can spark competition, jealousy and anger. The trick to riding that bronco is not being too quick to react. Under this transit, your normally patient sign will have trigger-finger reflexes and even a few angry outbursts. Make a point to be diplomatically direct and to address any upsets as soon as they happen so bad feelings don’t get a chance to fester.

Or maybe you settle them in the boudoir? Amorous Venus is making its annual visit to Taurus and your erotic eighth house until May 23, cranking up your sex appeal. If you’ve got a consenting partner, the world might not see much of you since you may barely venture outside of the bedroom. Single Libras could become engaged in an Olympics-worthy flirt-fest, which is fine and good as long as you’re clear about your intentions. When Venus unites with expansive Jupiter on May 23 during its final hours in Taurus, you could have an erotic breakthrough or an epic moment of intimate connection.

Right after that, also on May 23, Venus will exit the canoodling cocoon and bound into Gemini, activating your adventurous ninth house until June 17. Under this frisky and optimistic influence, you’ll be attracted to people from different walks of life—possibly folks from another country or culture. Traveling will keep the flames hot for couples, even if you can only swing a weekend getaway or a sexy staycation.

Investigations and investments are on your mind as the Sun spins through Taurus and your penetrating eighth house until May 20. This is your time to learn AND earn. Put your researcher’s headlamp on and dig into a detailed project or budget. Savvy money moves could pay off—both in the short-term and long-term.  The May 7 Taurus new moon could present an opportunity to partner up for a win-win. 

By the end of this month, you could finally feel ready to make a strategic financial decision, perhaps one that involves a property purchase or a passive-income stream. When the Sun and Jupiter unite in Taurus on May 18, an exciting windfall or an investment opportunity could come in.

Not sure how to pull off an ambitious project? Get ready: When lucky Jupiter enters Gemini and your ninth house of entrepreneurship, higher education and global connections, auspicious energy comes from every direction. This cycle, which lasts from May 25, 2024, until June 9, 2025, will bring you out of the depths you’ve been in since May 2023 and back into the wider world.

Love Days: 28, 5

Money Days:11, 21

Luck Days: 9, 19

Off Days: 15, 7

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