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Netflix travel and food expert claims UK city is home to the ‘best shawarma’


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THE world’s best shawarma can be found in the UK, according to a Netflix travel and food expert.

Over the past few years, comedy writer Phil Rosenthal has made a living out of travelling from place to place and trying as much food as he can for his show Somebody Feed Phil.


Phil Rosenthal visited the Shawarma King in Glasgow in his Netflix seriesCredit: Netflix
Phil said the shawarma he tried in Glasgow was the best he'd ever eaten


Phil said the shawarma he tried in Glasgow was the best he’d ever eatenCredit: Netflix
Phil travels around the world trying food for his show Somebody Feed Phil


Phil travels around the world trying food for his show Somebody Feed PhilCredit: Alamy

And on his travels, he claims to have come across the best shawarma he’s ever tasted right here in the UK.

The middle eastern dish is very popular among Brits, particularly after a night out.

Made of thinly sliced meat served in a flatbread with sauces and vegetables, it can be found in most takeaways up and down the country.

And one place in Glasgow could be home to the world’s best, according to Phil.

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The TV show filmed in Scotland‘s second city for its most recent series, which was put on Netflix earlier this year.

And after tasting the wraps from Shawarma King, Phil said he couldn’t think of a better on he’d tasted, even in “places where they have shawarma”.

He said: “I didn’t expect to find next level middle-eastern food in Scotland, but in this world anything is possible.

“So juicy, so crispy, beautiful flavour…I’m calling it, it’s the best shawarma I ever had.

“Yes, in Glasgow, Scotland.

“Okay, I may have said the same thing a few times before, but this one was made by royalty.”

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He then vowed to return “maybe a couple more times” before leaving Scotland.

Phil isn’t the only person to have heaped praise on the takeaway either, with the establishment picking up the award for Best Kebab House in Scotland three years in a row at the British Kebab Awards.

However, featuring on Netflix was definitely an accolade they were very pleased about.

Announcing the news after filming had taken place, they wrote on their Instagram page: “WE MADE IT TO NETFLIX!

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Korean Air

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Some of their popular dishes onboard include bibimbap, a Korean rice dish, and ssambap, Korean rice lettuce rolls.

It also made the top 10 for airlines with the best plane food in CN Travelers 2023 Readers’ Choice Awards.

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The airline has partnered with six Michelin-star chefs, each of whom have three stars – so you can expect it to be good.

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Chef Dennis Littley said: “Their gourmet meals rival those of ground-based restaurants.”

Dishes include congee, a rice porridge, as well as Singaporean rice and curry options.

“As some of you will know Phil Rosenthal and his popular Netflix show Somebody Feed Phil came to Glasgow last year and when we were approached to have him feature our wee shop we couldn’t say no!

“We are so proud to have been featured alongside some of  Glasgow‘s best establishments, and want to thank Phil and the whole team for being an absolute delight to work with on the day.

“Never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we would be featured on Netflix, and it’s insane to receive such recognition and to see how far we have come.

“You can watch us in his new season of somebody feed Phil on the final episode where he visits Scotland.”

Shawarma King wasn’t the only Glasgow eatery Phil showcased after his trip to the city.

South Asian restaurant Ga Ga, Tantrum Donuts and coffee shop Sunny Acre also featured in the episode, along with places in Edinburgh and the Isle of Skye, including the Talisker distillery.

Meanwhile, this UK city is home to Gordon Ramsay’s favourite curry house.

And this northern city in England looks so much like New York, it’s used instead of the Big Apple in films.

The Shawarma King's food had some of the best food Phil tried on his show


The Shawarma King’s food had some of the best food Phil tried on his showCredit: Netflix

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