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The 10 hottest places on earth – with top spot reaching sweltering 56C


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Have you ever wondered which are the hottest places on earth where the temperature levels might go above 56C? Several places have scorching temperature levels which are too hot to handle.

The hottest place on Earth is Furnace Creek in Death Valley, California (USA), where a temperature of 56.7C (134°F) was recorded on July 10, 1913.

During the summer, Death Valley has an average daily high of 45C (113°F).

This measurement is the air temperature; surface temperatures can be much higher. On July 15, 1972, a ground temperature of 93.9C (201°F) was recorded in Death Valley.

There have been other claims of higher temperatures, such as 58C (136°F) in Libya in 1922. However, in 2012, the World Meteorological Organization determined this measurement was inaccurate by about seven degrees Celsius.

The place is also a popular destination for tourists exploring Death Valley National Park. Visitors come to experience the extreme heat, unique geological features, and historical sites.

Popular activities include hiking, photography, stargazing, and exploring natural wonders like the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes and Zabriskie Point.

Despite the harsh environment, Furnace Creek is home to various plant and animal species adapted to the extreme desert conditions.

Creosote bush, mesquite, desert holly, and the endemic pupfish can be found in the area.

The next place is Kebili, Tunisia which recorded 55C (131F) in July 1931. It is the second-highest temperature that has been recorded on Earth.

Aside from its continent-breaking record heat, Kebili is also famous for being known as the earliest example of people habiting Tunisia, some 200,000 years ago during the early Palaeothic era.

Ancient stone tools have been located near the city.

10. Jeddah (Saudi Arabia): 52C

9. Mexicali (Mexico): 52C

8. Al Jazeera Border Gate (UAE): 52.1C

7. Turbat (Pakistan): 53.7C

6. Basra (Iraq): 53.9C

5. Mitribah (Kuwait): 53.9C

4. Tirat Tsvi (Israel): 54C

3. Ahvaz (Iran): 54C

2. Kebili (Tunisia): 55C

1. Furnace Creek, Death Valley (USA): 56.7C

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