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The best flight seat to get a ‘quality sleep’ onboard


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With a long-haul looming ahead of you and the likelihood of a time change, getting a good onboard is a must-do if you want to arrive at your destination ready to explore. However, for those in economy, it’s a far cry from the luxurious fully-flat reclining chairs of .

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a restful slumber, though.

According to sleep expert Anush Pervez from Sleepseeker, there is a specific seat in economy that you want to try and snag for “quality sleep”.

Anush Pervez, a sleep expert from Sleepseeker comments: “Getting quality sleep on planes can be challenging due to sleeping upright in cramped spaces, with noise, and uncomfortable seats.

“However, there are some ways you can improve your chances of getting some rest during your flight.

“Everyone’s sleep preferences are different so it’s best to experiment with a few different strategies to find one that works best for you.”

Anush explained that taking seat selection into consideration is key. “If possible, choose a seat away from high-traffic areas like restrooms and galleys to minimise disturbances and aim for a window seat as you can rest your head against the window for support,” she said.

Snapping up the best seat onboard doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay more.

Though some budget airlines make you pay for seat selection, usually long-haul airlines will let you pick your seat once online check-in opens for no additional cost.

Of course, if you are desperate for a specific seat, then most airlines allow customers to pay for seat selection when they book their tickets. Anush also recommends trying to block out any surrounding noise and picking up an eye mask.

She explained: “Aeroplanes can be noisy places. Invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs to block out the ambient noise on the plane, such as engine sounds and chatter.

“This will help create a more peaceful environment conducive to sleep.

“A comfortable and light-blocking eye mask can help you shut out any disturbances and create a dark environment to promote better sleep.”

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