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Tourist shares tip to avoid crowds in popular destinations


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Whether it’s feeling like a sardine in an Italian seaside town or herded cattle at one of France’s top attractions, some European destinations have felt a little overcrowded recently.

A tourist shared their recent experience in Rome on Reddit and said they “felt completely overwhelmed” by the crowds of tourists.

While it can be very hard to avoid crowds in busy destinations like Rome or Paris, a tourist shared their tip to avoid the worst.

Reddit user ‘RoseScentedGlasses’ said: “One of my favourite places in Italy is Cinque Terre, and you can see this so obviously there.

“During the day, hordes of tourists milling about, akin to an amusement park. Then magically around 7pm, they all go back to their cruise ships or hotels and the little towns come alive.

“Families come out, kids start playing soccer in the streets, everyone is speaking Italian. It’s lovely.”

Many cruise ship passengers arrive in the morning and then get back on the ship in the afternoon.

Visitors who come in to see Cinque Terre for the day will usually also leave before the evening.

The tourist added: “It was enough of a lesson to change how I stay in popular places. I am a tourist after all, and want to see the big things too!

“But now I sleep in the places where others take day trips, and see those places in the evenings.

“I then take my day trips into the bigger cities and museums where you’d be in a line no matter what day or time, and then just deal with it for the day and go back to the lovelier and now quiet place in the evening.”

Small towns or popular cruise destinations may be more likely to be quiet in the evening when cruise passengers are back on the ship.

Tourists can also try visiting popular destinations during the low or shoulder season to avoid peak season crowds.

If it’s a big city, it’s a great idea to take local recommendations from people to find some of the quieter restaurants.

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