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UK Government expands legal and tech trade partnership with Australia


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In a bid to strengthen ties and boost economic prosperity, the UK Government is ramping up efforts to promote trade in legal and technology services with Australia. This collaborative initiative, part of the GREAT Legal Services campaign, aims to foster connections between legal and technology professionals in both countries.

Justice Minister Mike Freer recently embarked on a significant visit to Australia as part of this campaign. The trip, spanning over two days, involved a delegation of UK professionals specialising in legal tech services. Through a series of workshops, round-tables, and networking events, these experts engaged with their Australian counterparts, paving the way for enhanced collaboration and business opportunities.

The visit builds upon the success of last year’s conference, which resulted in millions of pounds worth of business deals for lawtech companies. By facilitating knowledge-sharing and networking opportunities, the UK Government aims to support UK lawtech firms in expanding their market presence in Australia. Already, UK legal services providers have exported £88 million worth of business to Australia in 2023, indicating the significant potential for further growth.

One of the key objectives of the trip is to develop a pipeline of Australian legal tech firms interested in establishing or expanding operations in the UK. By fostering such partnerships, the UK reaffirms its position as a global leader in legal services and technology while supporting smaller regional firms to thrive internationally.

The delegation comprises legal tech firms from across the UK, showcasing a diverse range of innovative solutions. Companies like Avvoka, specialising in legal document automation, exemplify the cutting-edge technology driving the sector forward. These firms, some with turnovers exceeding £20 million annually, are eager to explore opportunities in the Australian market and forge valuable partnerships.

The visit also serves as an opportunity for Australian counterparts to learn from the UK’s experience in supporting innovation in the lawtech sector. Initiatives such as LawtechUK, a government-backed program dedicated to driving digital transformation in the legal sector, offer valuable insights that could be replicated in Australia.

Louise Cantillon, British Consul General and Deputy Trade Commissioner for Asia Pacific, emphasised the significance of this partnership in strengthening bilateral relations between the UK and Australia. As the two countries celebrate the anniversary of the UK-Australia Free Trade Agreement, opportunities for collaboration in legal and professional services have never been more promising.

The UK Government’s commitment to boosting bilateral trade and cooperation with Australia extends beyond the legal and tech sectors. With a focus on reducing barriers to exchanging goods and services, both countries are leveraging the free-trade agreement to unlock new opportunities for economic growth.

As the programme of events unfolds in Singapore, Sydney, and Melbourne, the UK Government remains dedicated to fostering a dynamic partnership with Australia. Through initiatives like the GREAT Legal Services campaign, both countries are poised to capitalise on their shared strengths and drive mutual prosperity in the legal and technology sectors.

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