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One of the best heritage sites in the world is in the UK


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Where do you think is the best place in Britain for natural beauty? Some prefer the golden beaches of Cornwall or the cloud-scraping mountains of the highlands, but if your answer is the Lake District, today you have been vindicated, as new research has revealed that the Cumbria destination is one of the top five most popular natural heritage sites on Earth.

Yep. That’s right. The world’s fifth favourite place to enjoy nature is within driving distance of you. Out of nearly 1200 sites globally, somehow us brits are lucky enough to share an island with one of the best. 

To determine the planet’s top natural heritage sites, Betway analysed TikTok views, monthly Google searches, and number of tagged posts on Instagram. The Lakes had the second most Instagram posts under its hashtag, beaten only by the Grand Canyon. Probably a pretty worthy winner. 

Popular among families, hike lovers, and tiny café enthusiasts, the Lake District has been one of the UK’s premier places for getaways for a long time now. William Wordsworth described it as ‘the loveliest spot that man hath ever found’ way back in the nineteenth century, and we’re sure he’d be glad to know that we now have empirical evidence that he was (almost) correct. 

Yellowstone national park topped the list, followed by the Grand Canyon, and then Yosemite national park. Clearly the Americans can’t get enough of their natural heritage.

Betway also ranked the world’s favourite cultural heritage sites, and we’ve managed to worm our way to a spot on that line up as well! Everyone’s favourite pile of rocks, Stonehenge, was fourth on the list, just behind the Statue of Liberty. As much as it hurts to admit twice in a row, our cousins across the pond beat us fair and square here. 

You can read the entire Betway report here, but the rest of the entrants are a lot further away for Brits than the North. So go forth and enjoy our stunning lakes and kind of strange circles of rock. You may have to put up with some classic British weather while you do it, but that’s a small price to pay to stand on the very precipices that inspired great poets like Wordsworth, Coleridge, and even Taylor Swift.  

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